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To Fix Dog Problems Praise Always Works Best

In most of the world there are as many dogs as there are households, and sometimes there are far more and you can find the best info at http://veterinarianreno.net/. No other animal on Earth is as friendly to man as the trustworthy dog. They protect us, comfort us, keep us physically fit, and enjoy our company as much as we do theirs. Some dog problems can arise, mostly in puppies, that should be taken care of as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at a couple of those issues and how to fix them now.

Dog Chewing Can Be A Huge Problem For Puppies

When their teeth are coming in they’re in a lot of pain and chewing problems with animals on something; anything helps break through the skin and alleviate a lot of the pain they’re experiencing. In addition to that, putting things in their mouths is one way that dogs experience the world and chewing, in general, is how they like to pass the time when they’re bored.

The key to stopping inappropriate chewing is to always have plenty of chew toys for your dog to play with. Then, immediately, if your dog starts chewing on the wrong thing, stop it, scold slightly, then give the dog the right something to chew on. You should always finish with praise when they are doing the right thing. They learn far better from recognition than they do from discipline. In nearly every case, a dog will try to do the right something, as long as it knows what that is because making you happy, makes them happy too.

Peeing In The House Can Be Hard Stop If You’re Not Home

For the most part, a dog would much rather urinate and defecate outside. However, when they’re stuck inside, they have no other choice. When they’re little puppies are having health issues, that’s the best time to get them trained on where it’s appropriate to go. Each time you feed your puppy, immediately take them outside and run them around until they go, it won’t take very long after a meal. Then praise the dog profusely, so it knows it did the right thing. Soon the dog will beg to go out and go, just to get the praise that it so dearly wants to receive.

If you have a problem with a dog that’s developed a bad habit, usually urinating in the same place inside, you’ll have to take extra time to retrain it. It’s not a good idea to ever rub its nose in anything, that’s not how dogs learn the best. Plus, you should clean any area that the dog has urinated in with a hard scrubbing and some chlorine bleach to kill the smell. Then, don’t give your dog unlimited bowls of water for awhile, only at certain times, with an immediate trip outdoors to urinate. Always follow up with plenty of praise to seal the deal and your dog will learn in just a few days.

If you have problems with your dog not behaving, it’s usually a problem with him not understanding what you want. He can learn what you want by listening to your praises a lot better than your scoldings or beatings, and you should always remember that.