Get Ideas On Generating Traffic Online

If you have a blog that is not getting much traffic, you need to consider what your SEO strategy is.  If you do not have a search engine optimization company, then you need to start creating and implementing one.  SEO is a great way to get organic traffic to your blog which will help you increase your overall traffic and increase your authority in the niche.

Have Your Domain And Hosting

The first step you need to take is to have your blog hosted on your domain.  Most people start with free blogs, but they are not always the best when it comes to SEO.  Search engines are looking to point their users to grave and trustworthy websites.  To appear serious about your blog you need to have your domain and not run a blog on a free platform.

The area you use should have some relation to the content of the blog.  If you have a blog about fashion having a URL that relates to this is recommended.  The hosting company that you choose should also be carefully considered.  One of the factors search engines look at is the user experience on your blog, and this includes the load speed of the blog.  If you have a host that is regularly offline and offers slow load times you are going to be penalized by the search engines.

Have Original Content That Solves Problems

All of your blog posts need to be original, and they should offer valuable information to your visitor.  Studies have shown that content that solves a problem will work better than any other type of content because you are providing information to the reader that they need.  While it is important to consider your keywords when you create your content, you need to have content for your user and not for the search engine.

You should also not limit yourself to text content.  It is possible to optimize any content that you post, and it will help you rank in various search locations.  Posting original images on your site along with alt text in their description will help you attract visitors and rank for image searches.

Videos are something that any blog should consider having.  A video which has been optimized correctly can rank at the top of the results if it has been optimized properly.  To optimize your videos, you need to give it a good title that has the search term you want to rank for in it.  You also need to have a description or transcript of the video because search engines are only able to index text.

All of the content that you post needs to work at building a relationship with your visitors.  The better the relationship, the more they will come back and share your content with other people.

Have Relevant Backlinks Made Naturally

Backlinks are essential to search engine rankings, but they need to come about naturally.  You should never pay for backlinks as this could get you banned from the search engines.  You are also unaware of the quality of the websites that these links are placed on.  You need to have links from authority websites that are ranked well.

While it is a good idea to have a lot of backlinks you have to ensure they come from real URLs.  If you can get one link from a website with authority such as a .edu or .gov site it will have a better impact on your rankings than hundreds of links from lesser sites.  To get these high-quality links, you need to have high-quality content.

A Mobile Responsive Blog

A lot of people read blog while on a mobile device like a phone or tablet.  It is important that the theme you use for your blog is responsive.  This means that it will shape the blog to the screen it is being viewed on.  This is paramount for ranking on mobile searches as search engines penalize blogs that are not responsive.

When looking at themes, you also need to ensure that they are cleanly coded and SEO friendly, contact Fernley SEO for information.  If the item is hard for the search engine to read it will rank lower than other sites that are easier to read.